Break Up with Tradition

So, why is fine jewellery still predominately associated with special occasions?  Why is it intrinsically linked with birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine's Day and weddings?  Because tradition, advertising and marketing tell us it should be.

At Oscar Graves we believe it is time to break up with tradition. It's time to move on. The days are gone when an individual must wait for an occasion or for somebody else to buy them jewellery.  We’re certain that this relationship was never meant to be exclusive and if it was, it's time to change the rules.

If you decide that you want a piece of jewellery, it should be as instinctive and simple as buying a piece of clothing.  Why, when, where and what suits. It should not orbit around tradition; it should orbit around you. 

Christmas and birthdays only come around once a year, and it’s great when someone gives you the gift of jewellery, but ultimately, who needs an occasion?

Think of how you currently buy a piece of clothing. You see it. You love it. You want it. You can afford it, (or are willing to save for it). Then you buy it. There are no dropping hints, no misunderstandings about style and no waiting around. The same should apply when you want a piece of jewellery. 

You can browse for your piece of Oscar Graves jewellery from beneath your duvet or horizontal on the couch, and we don't mind if you're caked in a face mask with your hair in hun bun; there's no judgement here!  There is a piece of jewellery for every taste and budget.  We're adamant that nobody gets left behind.  If you need time to make up your mind, we're in no rush, you can visit us as many times as you want to, and if you need any advice, we are here to help you.

Why invest in fine jewellery?  Why not buy costume?  It’s the same reason that we opt to push the boat out and buy silk pyjamas or a cashmere jumper or good winter coat – they cost us a little more, but they become our go-to pieces.  They are the items that are always at the top of the pile and the pieces that we seek out to make us feel good.  They are our little pieces of luxury that we’ve worked hard for and feel that we deserve. We buy fine pieces because they last, don’t date and won’t end up in the charity shop with the tag still on.

If you want to curate your ear, buy the studs that you like. If you prefer the hooks, get hooked.  If you're a pearl girl, we can guarantee that they're freshwater and if you’ve always wanted a piece of jewellery that was designed with your personality in mind; then choose a ring from the original Oscar7 collection. If you’re up for it, visit us today at  Why wait?  It’s time to break up with tradition.