Oscar Graves Metals & Stones

What is 9ct Solid Gold?

9ct Gold is a precious metal that consists of 37.5% pure gold. It is the most attainable form of gold and is generally presented in a soft yellow colour. To make 9ct gold strong and durable, a mix of other metals are added to create an ideal material for fine jewellery design.

What is 14ct Solid Gold?

14ct gold is a precious metal that consists of 58.5% pure gold. As 14ct gold is quite soft a mix of metals are added to form a firmer and stronger material. Our Cuban ring is created in 14ct yellow gold and remains one of our most desirable pieces in the Oscar Graves collection.

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a precious metal alloy that consists of 92.5% pure silver hence the presence of 925 in our sterling silver descriptions. Slightly stronger than pure silver and brighter than most white metals, sterling silver creates the optimal material for attainable prized jewellery.

What is 14ct Gold Plating on Sterling Silver?

14ct gold plating is simply a layer/coating of 14ct gold carefully applied to the exterior of some of our sterling silver jewellery pieces. Unlike solid gold, gold plating will wear over time leading to the original sterling silver finish underneath becoming more apparent. 14ct gold plating can dramatically enhance the appearance of the piece without dramatically enhancing the investment.   

What is Hallmarking & Why?

A Hallmark is a guarantee.

It is an official mark punched into pieces created in precious metals. This mark guarantees the purity of the metal to the purchaser of the piece. Gold and Silver in their pure form are too soft to create fine jewellery. They are mixed with other metals (alloys) to make the piece more durable and stronger.

The unique hallmark punched into every piece of the Oscar Graves collection is the guarantee from the Assay Office, Dublin Castle, that your piece has the advised precious metal content.


Unlike conventional women’s ring designs, all stones chosen for Oscar Graves are determined first by colour or shade.

We consider this paramount in achieving their unique aesthetic. Whether they are precious or non-precious, we believe our choice of stones are what define us. From diamonds to natural grey cat’s eye, from subtle white zirconias to smoky quartz, our stones must achieve the maximum in colour definition.