Oscar Graves Jewellery Care Guide

Main Tips

Store your Oscar Graves separately from other jewellery to avoid scratching and chipping

Keep all Oscar Graves pieces wrapped in tissue in your Oscar Graves luxury box or ideally in an airtight bag. 

Visit your local jeweller at least once a year to have your Oscar Graves piece professionally cleaned.

Oscar Graves 14/9ct Solid Gold Pieces

Ok then, get the rubber gloves out. The easiest way to clean your Oscar Graves 9ct gold piece is to place it into a small bowl containing warm water mixed with a mild cleaning (ideally phosphate free) detergent such as washing liquid and gently stir. Leave the piece in for approx. 1 minute then rinse with water. Polish with a 100% cotton or linth-free cloth.

Gold Polishing Cloth: If you need to restore the shine of your Oscar Graves 9ct gold piece, use a simple gold polishing cloth to polish the metal. This will create an alluring shine.

Buff and Polish: Gold pieces, can become scratched due to daily wear. To restore your Oscar Graves piece to it’s original shine, have your piece polished and buffed by your local jeweller.

Oscar Graves 925 Sterling Silver Pieces

Sterling Silver reacts to sulphur dioxide in the air, and hence naturally discolours over time. This is perfectly normal and simply rectified.

Silver Concentrate Cleaner (preferably non chemical): Sterling Silver Cleaner is a great solution to cleaning your Oscar Graves piece. Silver concentrate cleaner has been specifically created to remove oxidation or discolouration from the metal, and to remove dirt from any stones set in the jewellery. This solution will restore your silvers’ original colour and sparkle. It can be found in most reputable jewellers.

Silver Polishing Cloth: Another method to restore the shine of your Oscar Graves Sterling Silver piece, is to simply use a Silver polishing cloth on the metal. Some Silver Polishing cloths have a unique solution contained within, designed to remove surface dirt while restoring sparkle.

Oscar Graves 14ct Gold Plating on Sterling Silver

Our Oscar Graves14ct gold plated pieces are the answer to the person who seeks that precious gold look without the solid gold expense.

Oscar Graves gold plating is a layer 14ct gold (either 14ct rose coloured or 14ct yellow coloured gold) applied over the exterior of some our sterling silver pieces. Gold plating will gradually wear off the piece which in turn will expose the more natural sterling silver finish beneath.  

The best way to take care of a 14ct gold plated piece is to use a lint-free cloth to gently polish the metal and to also clean any dirt from the surface. We do not recommend using a liquid solution to clean plated jewellery, as to do so, may erase the plating.