Stylish, Unconventional & Distinctive


What's the story Oscar?

Oscar Graves is not famous, in fact, we’re unknown.
We are an independent jewellery company based in Dublin.
Our careers have not been easy.
Our experiences have not always been kind.
We were seen but not heard.
We sat on the bench.
We fell between the stools.
We didn’t tick the box.
We didn’t toe the line.
We hadn’t enough money.
We were put on the backburner.
We listened to the advice.
We suffered the consequences.
But we are still here.
We are Oscar Graves 
Uncompromising Style Created By Experience

The story is...

Who is Oscar Graves?
Oscar Graves was created by Pearse Curran, a local lad raised and schooled in Dublin 12.
What does Oscar Graves know about jewellery? 
A lot! 
Pearse has over 25 years of jewellery experience. He worked his way up the ranks of the jewellery industry to become the CEO of one of the largest jewellery distribution companies across Ireland and the UK. After holding this position for almost a decade, he refocused his attention towards creative direction, and subsequently has been the catalyst behind a number of highly successful collaborations with leading brands, fashion designers, celebrities and high street retailers.
Why Oscar Graves?
“Three reasons…
1. Mentally, no choice.
2. To escape.
3. We believe we are the best at what we do.” 
Why Now?
“Life was too complicated in the past and the future doesn’t exist, so now feels like a good time.”
What makes Oscar different?
“No brief, no pretence, no corporate or state backing, no wealthy background, no target audience, no love stories, no compromising, no limits. 
Pearse Curran