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Why the 1970 ring chose you?

The 1970 wearer does not suffer fools lightly and rates loyalty extremely high on her attraction list. She is usually helping others before helping herself. ​ Treads carefully when others rush in. Will always have your back and never let you down.

She has a very educated eye for all design and fashion genres. Like her personality, her go-to style is clever, slightly conservative but can possess the ability to surprise and even shock if she's in the humour.


1970 is the year that a particular woman, with a significant meaning to Pearse, was born. This woman is a true carer for others. She remains present when others choose to be absent. She seeks no attention or credit, only a recognition of her commitment. The fulcrum to which most homes and lives need to orbit around. ​ She's life's compass.

Design Brief:

Sometimes simplicity can be difficult. The solidity of this piece is emphasised by the etched brickwork carved into its sides. The white quartz represents an underlying purity which compliments and highlights its strong surrounding foundations. 1970 is the white knight of genuine style and refinement.

Description: High polished solid band with 3 brick chiselled incline and off-white quartz top with etched frame.


Precious Metal & Stone: 925 Sterling Silver and white quartz stone

Authentication:  Hallmarked and authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Size Guide:

Oscar Graves has never followed the crowd, why should you? Rings are to be worn when you like and where you like. So, whether it’s your index finger or your thumb, one of our 3 sizes below will accommodate your final decision.

All Oscar Graves rings are available in 3 sizes. Once you've placed your order a member of our team will be in touch to help you fit the perfect OG7:

Small: Our small ring size is equivalent to a size L (L for Lima) which has a 51.2mm circumference & a 16.3mm diameter

Medium: Our medium ring size is equivalent to a size N (N for November) which has a 53.8mm circumference & a 17.1mm diameter

Large: Our large ring size is equivalent to a size P (P for Papa) which has a 56.3mm circumference & a 17.9mm diameter

Packaging: Your Oscar Graves piece will be shipped in our bespoke luxury gift boxes.

7 Rings | 7 Personalities | 7 Distinct Designs - YOU don't choose the ring, IT chooses you. 

This was the starting point of the Oscar Graves Collection by founder, Pearse Curran.

The 1970 is one of the Oscar7 Originals.

Why 7? 

The number 7 was a definitive but symbolic choice.  It was the number on the door of Pearse’s late grandmother’s house in the heart of The Liberties, Dublin City. A home she occupied for close to 100 years.​ It was also chosen as a reminder that one person can take 7 directions in life:  up, down, left, right, back, forward and most importantly, inward.