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Fine Jewellery is irrelevant right now but the person you are thinking about is not…

We are in the throes of trying to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, so how is jewllery even relevant right now?

Being a (Covid) carer for my 82 year-old mother, has given me an insight. Here's what I've learned....

It's the non-essential, items that make her day. It's all about the little surprises. It's the arrival of the freshly-baked brown soda bread, the tabloid newspaper, the €2 carrot cake or the extra-large bar of Cadbuy's chocolate. She hadn't asked for any of them. She didn't particularly need them. They were never written on any list she'd compiled but when she got them, it meant something. They were unexpected and they were the things that made her smile the most. I'd thought about her and made the effort to choose something for her in the hope that it would momentarily extract her from the reality of her cocooned world, and for me, that's where the joy lay. 

Jewellery will never be essential, it's merely an option to show our appreciation to the ones we love. It lets them know that they are in our thoughts, and that their lives and milestones and achievements are important. And while the price of a gold necklace or silver earrings may cost more than a chocolate bar, the jewellery itself and the pleasure in wearing it will last a lifetime.

So, yes, fine jewellery is irrelevant right now but maybe it has always been. People have always been the relevant part of the equation, not the gift. They are the ones who deserve the appreciation.  We at Oscar Graves would like to be that action of appreciation. If you would like to find out more about the Oscar Graves Fine Jewellery Collection, please visit us at