Blue Monday 2021

Blue Monday! Who are we to say that today is the most depressing day of the doubt it's up there, but hey, so is last Monday and the Monday before that and any Monday in the last few months. We've been living in a permanent state of Monday for the guts of a year now. 

But rather than having a competition to see who is the most depressed and what day that happens on, maybe we can just focus for a minute and aim for the Monday that we will stroll into a local coffee shop, speak to the barista who will understand your order because you won't be giving it from behind a mask. That said barista will see your smile or scowl (depending on your usual disposition) and you'll take your caffeinated self to your place of work where you can meet with and talk to your colleagues without the worry of killing them. You will discuss what gig you're going to next weekend, they will tell you what the food and craic was like at your favourite re-opened pizzeria and you will discuss who is going to buy the first round of drinks the following Saturday when you all meet up in town before going to watch the match in the "sold out" Croke Park with your family (grandparents included).

Let's not vaccinate ourselves against the third Monday in January. Instead, let's focus on the fact that one Monday soon the world will be immune to the virus that has tested us all to our limits. Today, maybe wear blue (we don't mind, we're Dubs), just don't let anyone tell you you're supposed to be blue.

So, may we suggest the Dead Sea Ring by Oscar Graves, Born in Dublin. It was designed by Pearse Curran; for women who continue to move forward in life, with a confidence not only to succeed but to enjoy themselves along the way. With a strong appreciation for work/life balance the Dead Sea wearer sees positives in all and negativity in few. Style and fashion are at the forefront. Success is seen as enjoying the journey rather than reaching your destination.

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