Do you even recognise your own Da? Test yourself this Father's Day!

Fathers come in many guises but how well do you know yours?  If you can get past the biggies like whether he is:

  • Young/old,
  • tall/small,
  • willing/reluctant,
  • present/absent.

Why not delve a little deeper this Father's Day and find out what the man is really like?

On 20th June, we're encouraged to celebrate our Dads and here at Oscar Graves we know that one style certainly does not fit all but if the father figure in your life likes his style (or even gets a slagging for being bit of a flash git), then maybe an Oscar Graves Ring is the perfect gift for him.  There are 7 rings in the collection and each has a distinct character.  See if you recognise YOUR Da in any of the 7? Scarlet for you if you don't! 

1. Grey Riot for those Who are Never Far from the Edge

The Grey Riot wearer fears nothing and can handle anything. The dark stone reflects a dark mind. A mind that has no limits when it comes to creativity. A great believer in accepting fate as the decision maker in creating the itinerary of life’s journey. A journey which has and will continue to generate great highs and deep lows. Either way, if you are lucky to be part of this journey, put your seatbelt on and take a deep breath.

2. Dead Sea Ring for those who Never Sink & Always Stay Afloat

The cool blue centre stone reflects the cool persuasion of the Dead Sea wearer. Confident, precise and objective. Born to lead and raised to respect. With a keen eye for detail, the Dead Sea host has a deep appreciation for art, design and style.

Mixes with few but sees value in all. 

3. 1970 Ring for the Steadfast, Loyal & Present

1970 Ring by Oscar Graves

The 1970 wearer does not suffer fools lightly and rates loyalty as their most important trait. With an underlying appreciation for simple style, the 1970 wearer resonates a strong yet calm presence. Treads carefully when others rush in. Behind the scenes but ahead of the curve. The 1970 wearer will always have your back and will never let you down.


4. Rummy Ring For The Risk Takers..

Rummy Ring by Oscar Graves

If you are willing to risk selecting the most daring design in the Oscar Graves collection, you are already made for the Rummy ring.

The coffin shaped blood red centre stone is there to remind the wearer that they only live once, so grasp it and enjoy the ride. The etching on each shoulder represents the scars life leaves on you throughout your journey. Risky, bold and audacious, three words that come close to defining this resolute piece and hence, come close to, ultimately defining their new host.

5. The Blacksmith Ring For the Artists, Authors & Artisans

For the artists, authors and artisans, the Blacksmith wearer uses their hands to create what their mind is directing. Prepared to put in the hours and hours of preparation to fine tune their inherent raw talent. As unique as it’s host, the Blacksmith’s style is uncompromising, unapologetic, individual and usually ahead of its time.  

6. Periphery Ring for the high achievers "Maxima Cum Laude"

Mirroring the Periphery ring design, the wearer of this particular piece is complex, alternative and usually in possession of an extremely high intellect.

The same high intellect that has created a distance from the more populist opinions and persuasions. The same intellect that creates genuine outliers of our time.

Truly individual, the Periphery ring, like its host, does not conform, waiver in their beliefs or sell out. They simply never need to.


7. The Cuban Ring is literally An Encounter with the Master

The Cuban wearer is calm, considered and clinical. Always three steps ahead of everybody, the Cuban host is clearly top of their game. Hence, it is no coincidence that this solid 18ct gold piece is also the most expensive piece across the entire Oscar Graves collection. The Cuban is, quite simply, style melted. It resonates a coolness and confidence that that only a few can truly carry.       

For more information, images, videos and prices on the Oscar Graves Men's Collection or our Oscar Graves Women's Collection please visit our website today.

Happy Father's Day from all on the Oscar Graves Team.