The Blacksmith Men’s Ring
The Blacksmith Men’s Ring The Blacksmith Men’s Ring The Blacksmith Men’s Ring The Blacksmith Men’s Ring The Blacksmith Men’s Ring The Blacksmith Men’s Ring
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For the Artists, Authors & Artisans

Why the Blacksmith Ring Chose You…

For the artists, authors and artisans, the Blacksmith wearer uses their hands to create what their mind is directing. Prepared to put in the hours and hours of preparation to fine tune their inherent raw talent. As unique as it’s host, the Blacksmith’s style is uncompromising, unapologetic, individual and usually ahead of its time.  

Inspiration: Portrait of A Cardinal by Raphael, Del Prado, Madrid.

The three 14ct gold crosses, represent the preparation, dedication, and execution required to truly master their inherent raw talent.

The Blacksmith Ring Description:

This strong design pays homage to the truly wonderful goldsmiths of the past who provided some of the most inspirational ring designs which transcend all eras and tastes. Whether ecclesiastical or not, these masterpieces should be recognised and admired for both their creativity and craftsmanship.

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver & Solid 14ct Gold

  • Full, solid sterling silver wide band with three solid 14ct graduated crosses
  • High polished finish with creased concave top
  • Ring head (top size) : 20mm x 15mm
  • OG logo engraved
  • Hallmarked and authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Size Guide:

Oscar Graves has never followed the crowd, why should you?

Rings are to be worn when you like and where you like. So, whether it’s your index finger or your thumb, one of our sizes below will accommodate your final decision.

The Blacksmith men’s ring is available in the following sizes.

Small: Size R - 59.5mm inside circumference (19mm in diameter) 

            Size S – 60.8mm inside circumference (19.3mm in diameter)

Medium: Size T – 62mm inside circumference (19.8mm in diameter) 

                 Size U -  63mm inside circumference (20 mm in diameter) 

Large: Size V – 64mm inside circumference (20.3mm in diameter) 

Packaging: Your Oscar Graves piece will be shipped in our bespoke luxury gift boxes.