The Rummy Men’s Ring
The Rummy Men’s Ring The Rummy Men’s Ring The Rummy Men’s Ring The Rummy Men’s Ring The Rummy Men’s Ring The Rummy Men’s Ring The Rummy Men’s Ring
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For The Risk Takers..

Why the Rummy Ring Chose You…

If you are willing to risk selecting the most daring design in the Oscar Graves collection, you are already made for the Rummy ring.

The coffin shaped blood red centre stone is there to remind the wearer that they only live once, so grasp it and enjoy the ride. The etching on each shoulder represents the scars life leaves on you throughout your journey. Risky, bold and audacious, three words that come close to defining this resolute piece and hence, come close to, ultimately defining their new host.

Inspiration: Risk Takers

Designed for the risk takers, this uncompromising piece pays homage to men who have “skin in the game”. Men who are not only willing to compete but who are also willing to commit. Choosing to utilise their inherit instinct over intellect, the Rummy wearer does not hesitate when opportunity comes knocking. 

The Rummy Ring Description:

The blood red coffin shaped centre stone rests inside a polished frame which in turn contrasts with its wide etched background. Many different layers are present in this rare piece and each is designed to stir the emotions.  Combining traditional concepts with innovative design, one must recognise its overriding passion for style.

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

  • Solid high polished half band with etched diamond cut shoulders
  • Multi-faceted coffin shaped deep red synthetic spinel stone
  • Ring head (top size) : 20mm x 15mm
  • OG logo engraved
  • Hallmarked and authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Size Guide:

Oscar Graves has never followed the crowd, why should you?

Rings are to be worn when you like and where you like. So, whether it’s your index finger or your thumb, one of our sizes below will accommodate your final decision.

The Rummy men’s ring is available in the following sizes.

Small: Size R - 59.5mm inside circumference (19mm in diameter)  

            Size S – 60.8mm inside circumference (19.3mm in diameter) 

Medium: Size T – 62mm inside circumference (19.8mm in diameter) 

                 Size U -  63mm inside circumference (20 mm in diameter)  

Large: Size V – 64mm inside circumference (20.3mm in diameter)

Packaging: Your Oscar Graves piece will be shipped in our bespoke luxury gift boxes.