The Dead Sea Men’s Ring
The Dead Sea Men’s Ring The Dead Sea Men’s Ring The Dead Sea Men’s Ring The Dead Sea Men’s Ring The Dead Sea Men’s Ring The Dead Sea Men’s Ring The Dead Sea Men’s Ring The Dead Sea Men’s Ring
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Never Sink, Stay Afloat

Why the Dead Sea Ring Chose You…

The cool blue centre stone reflects the cool persuasion of the Dead Sea wearer. Confident, precise and objective. Born to lead and raised to respect. With a keen eye for detail, the Dead Sea host has a deep appreciation for art, design and style.

Mixes with few but sees value in all. 

Inspiration: Urban Architecture up against a blue sea

The Dead Sea ring was designed to bring structure and defined lines to the fore. Mirroring a clear, precise and defined mindset to which, only the host, can truly appreciate and enjoy. With structure comes security and with security comes confidence. Three traits that rank very high on the Dead Sea wearer’s agenda.

Objectivity brings clarity.

Dead Sea Ring Description:

Dead Sea is clean and sharp: the styling, the appearance and the effect. Blue runs deep in this contemporary bold design and like its owner, shows all indications of a cool confident persuasion. The interior blue stone delivers exactly what the sterling silver exterior promises, refinement and style.  

Precious Metal: Sterling Silver

  • Sea-blue, multi-faceted synthetic spinel stone
  • High polished solid band with slim cut symmetrical vents
  • Ring head (top size) : 20mm x 20mm
  • OG logo engraved
  • Hallmarked and authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Size Guide:

Oscar Graves has never followed the crowd, why should you?

Rings are to be worn when you like and where you like. So, whether it’s your index finger or your thumb, one of our sizes below will accommodate your final decision.

The Dead Sea men’s ring is available in the following sizes.

Small: Size R - 59.5mm inside circumference (19mm in diameter) 

            Size S – 60.8mm inside circumference (19.3mm in diameter) 

Medium: Size T – 62mm inside circumference (19.8mm in diameter)

                 Size U -  63mm inside circumference (20 mm in diameter)

Large: Size V – 64mm inside circumference (20.3mm in diameter) 

Packaging: Your Oscar Graves piece will be shipped in our bespoke luxury gift boxes.