Solid 9ct Gold Learn to Crawl Earrings
Solid 9ct Gold Learn to Crawl Earrings Solid 9ct Gold Learn to Crawl Earrings Solid 9ct Gold Learn to Crawl Earrings Solid 9ct Gold Learn to Crawl Earrings

New to crawlers or the curated ear? Graduate with these luxurious crawlers in solid 9ct gold.

Created in solid 9ct gold

  • Six stones, one look, our favourite gold crawlers
  • We would literally get on our knees and crawl for these Cubans
  • Hallmarked in Dublin Castle
  • Bespoke Luxury Packaging Included

Why did Cuban 15 choose you?

Clever, sharp and clinical are just a few of the attributes the Cuban wearer has in their drawer. They resonate a calmness and astuteness that few possess. Top of their game in everything they do.

Their confidence comes from a background of commitment, discipline and inherit intelligence. A true encounter with a master, their style is tailored, precise and always enviable.   

Cuban 15 Earring Specifications

  • Precious Metal – Solid 9ct Gold
  • Crawler design stud earrings
  • 6 white stones set into a graduated gold curve  
  • Earring Size – 18mm length 1-4mm width 
  • OG logo engraved 
  • Hallmarked & authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Why call it The Cuban? 

The Cuban collection was called after Jose Raul Capablanca. He was world chess champion between 1921 – 1927. 

Born in Havana, Cuba 1888, he was renowned for his effortless style, speed and end game skill. Regarded by many chess lovers as the best chess player that ever lived.

Why Oscar Graves loves it…

Crawler design

In such demand right now, crawler style earrings are the new everyday essentials. These Cubans are particularly popular due to their light and easy feel and of course, the fact that they are set in 9ct solid gold. Our favourite crawlers. 

The Oscar Graves Cuban Jewellery Collection

The Cuban Jewellery Collection, like all of the Oscar Graves 7 collections, originally evolves from the Cuban 14ct gold ring design. 

The 7 rings of Oscar Graves were the first jewellery pieces to be created by Pearse Curran, the creator of Oscar Graves​,