Solid 9ct Gold Slim Ingot
Solid 9ct Gold Slim Ingot Solid 9ct Gold Slim Ingot Solid 9ct Gold Slim Ingot Solid 9ct Gold Slim Ingot Solid 9ct Gold Slim Ingot

The Gold Bar Has Just Been Raised… 

  • Created in solid 9ct gold
  • A little bit of luxury resting around you
  • Everyday style, everything possible
  • Hallmarked in Dublin Castle
  • Bespoke Luxury Packaging Included

Why did Blacksmith 23 choose you?

Whether in the arts or crafts, whether a musician or an author, using their hands to create what their mind is directing is a talent that few of us possess. Style comes in many forms but  none better than raw talent. It’s purity and clarity is something that cannot be copied and recreated. It is as unique as it’s creator.

The Blacksmith style is uncompromising, unapologetic, individual and usually ahead of its time 

Blacksmith 23 Necklace Specifications

  • Precious Metal – 9ct gold
  • Simple bar drop pendant with 3 white stone line centre
  • High polished finish
  • Pendant size – 20mm drop x 2mm width
  • Stone size – 1mm  
  • Chain length – 16” + 2” extension
  • OG logo engraved
  • Hallmarked & authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Why call it Blacksmith?

Forging creativity from their bare hands is why Blacksmith was chosen for the collections title. It is exactly what a Blacksmith wearer chooses to do best.

Calculated, practical and precise. Prepared to put in the hours and hours of preparation to make the finished piece perfect. 

Why Oscar Graves loves it…

Simple & Sleek

Nothing complicated here, just a slim gold bar with 3 white stones carefully set into the centre. However, it’s restraint is what makes this Blacksmith one of our most popular gold necklaces.

Why? Sometimes, the simpler the form, the more attention it gets.

The Oscar Graves Blacksmith Jewellery Collection

The Blacksmith Jewellery Collection, like all of the Oscar Graves 7 collections, originally evolves from the Blacksmith 14ct gold & sterling silver ring design. ​

The 7 rings of Oscar Graves were the first jewellery pieces to be created by Pearse Curran, the creator of Oscar Graves.