Sterling Silver Cluster Hooks
Sterling Silver Cluster Hooks Sterling Silver Cluster Hooks Sterling Silver Cluster Hooks

Earrings of the year for 2020, Back in stock…  

  • Created in sterling silver
  • The 2020 alternative to the classic stud
  • By hook or by hook, the must haves of the Oscar Graves collection
  • Hallmarked in Dublin Castle
  • Bespoke Luxury Packaging Included

Why did 1970 (06) choose you?

1970 wearer has a very educated eye for all design and fashion genres. Could style anyone for any occasion. Like her personality, her go to style is clever, slightly conservative but can possess the ability to surprise and even shock if in the humour.

The wearer is a true carer for others. Always present when others are consistently absent.

1970 (06) Earring Specifications

  •    Precious Metal – Sterling Silver
  •    Finish – High polished
  •    Earring Drop – 20mm
  •    Stone Size – 1mm surround with 8mm centre stone
  •    OG logo engraved 
  •    Hallmarked & authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Why call it 1970?

1970 was the year a particular woman was born. 

Seeks no attention or credit, only a recognition of her commitment. 

The fulcrum to which most homes and lives need to orbit around. Why Oscar Graves loves it…


Whenever and wherever you want. These babies will go with any outfit you choose to throw on. Work, play, award ceremony or Tescos, the 1970 (06) earrings are unparalleled when it comes to complimenting your everyday presence.  

The Oscar Graves 1970 Jewellery Collection

The 1970 Jewellery Collection, like all of the Oscar Graves 7 collections, originally evolves from the 1970 sterling ring design. 

The 7 rings of Oscar Graves were the first jewellery pieces to be created by Pearse Curran, the creator of Oscar Graves.