Sterling Silver Stone-Set Circle Earrings
Sterling Silver Stone-Set Circle Earrings Sterling Silver Stone-Set Circle Earrings Sterling Silver Stone-Set Circle Earrings

Essentials, Staples, Must Haves…You Need These!

  • Created in sterling silver
  • Circles of sparkling studs
  • Simple look, simple style
  • Hallmarked in Dublin Castle
  • Bespoke Luxury Packaging Included

Why did Grey Riot 06 choose you?

The wearer of a Grey Riot piece is usually highly creative. They can resonate an energy and enthusiasm rarely matched.

They are usually highly intelligent and equally interesting. They are the people you remember most. Their style is alternative, bold and unquestionably distinct.  

Grey Riot 06 Earring Specifications

  • Precious Metal – 925 sterling silver
  • Open white stone set circle studs
  • Earring size – 15mm x 15mm
  • Stone size - 2mm
  • OG logo engraved
  • Hallmarked & authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Why call it Grey Riot?

Grey Riot was chosen to represent a journey that a lot of people have taken. In most cases an internal journey that is unexpected and unpleasant.

However, this journey has applied a new layer of wisdom that cannot be earned any other way.

Why Oscar Graves loves it…

Simple Everyday Studs

Simple in design they may be but these Grey Riots pack a real punch. With 17 white sparkling stones on each, these simple stud earrings demand some serious attention.

Everyday luxury.

Grey is a reference to Grey Matter and riot is a reference to a disturbance.  

The Oscar Graves Grey Riot Jewellery Collection

The Grey Riot Jewellery Collection, like all of the Oscar Graves 7 collections, originally evolves from the Grey Riot sterling silver  ring design. 

The 7 rings of Oscar Graves were the first jewellery pieces to be created by Pearse Curran, the creator of Oscar Graves.