Valentines Collection

This fine jewellery collection is curated to celebrate and mark St. Valentine's Day.  The aim of this collection is to provide easy gifting options and to encourage self-buying.  St. Valentine's Day now encompasses love in a broader sense.  With inclusivity in mind, this collection caters for those with more classic, understated tastes as well as those who lean towards more contemporary, fashion-led, edgier styles.  All pieces in this collection are cast in precious metal, i.e. 925 Sterling Silver and Solid 9ct Gold.  The collection comprises of a selection of earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings.  There are solitaire hook earrings, long stone-set drops, huggies, ear-crawlers and stone-set stud earrings which can start off, or continue, the current obsession with the curated ear.  Delicate stone-set necklaces have been chosen as stand-alone pieces or for layering up. Symbolic pendants such as interlocking circles or the key have been chosen to encourage sentimental gifting as they depict eternity, strength, everlasting love or unlocking secrets, love or success.  Statement necklaces have been included for a more dramatic looks.  Our statement "Rummy" Sterling Silver ring has been chosen for its blood red colour but to offset that, we have included a delicate solid 9ct gold double ring with small diamond which can be worn alone, on any finger, or stacked. The aesthetic of the finished designs determines the choice of stones used.