Solid 9ct Gold & Diamond Mini Hexagon Ring
Solid 9ct Gold & Diamond Mini Hexagon Ring Solid 9ct Gold & Diamond Mini Hexagon Ring Solid 9ct Gold & Diamond Mini Hexagon Ring Solid 9ct Gold & Diamond Mini Hexagon Ring
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Hexed By Diamond & Gold? Good…

  • Created in solid 9ct gold
  • One ring, five fingers…you choose
  • Staple gold ring, staple gold style
  • Hallmarked in Dublin Castle
  • Bespoke Luxury Packaging Included

Why did Periphery 17 choose you?

High achievers, outliers and alternative souls. Conservative in manner with an underlying willingness to surprise and shock. A complex individual that possesses an unmatched empathy with people and their circumstances.

Their style can be very tailored and purposely toned down but will usually wear one piece that is particularly distinct. 

Periphery 17 Ring Specifications

  • Precious Metal – 9ct gold
  • Ring with simple polished hexagon diamond disc top
  • Hexagon head size – 5mm x 5mm
  • Diamond size – 2mm
  • Small ring size – L (L for Lima) which has a 51.2mm circumference & a 16.3mm diameter
  • Medium ring size – N (N for November) which has a 53.8mm circumference & a 17.1mm diameter
  • Large ring size - P (P for Papa) which has a 56.3mm circumference & a 17.9mm diameter
  • OG logo engraved
  • Hallmarked & authenticated by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle

Why call it Periphery?

Always on the outer limits, on the edge of things, never quite fitting in. These are the women that have always felt excluded. Whether warranted or not and usually always because of their very high intellect, just don’t nor neither want to tick the populist box.

Intellectually astute and unique individuals.

Why Oscar Graves loves it…

Ring for any finger

What we love most about these miniature Periphery rings, is not the fact that there is a little diamond set into the top of each of them or the fact that they are created in 9ct gold, it is the fact that no matter what finger you choose to put the ring on, it looks great!

Little gold luxuries The Oscar Graves Periphery Jewellery Collection

The Periphery Jewellery Collection, like all of the Oscar Graves 7 collections, originally evolves from the Periphery sterling silver and diamond ring design. ​

The 7 rings of Oscar Graves were the first jewellery pieces to be created by Pearse Curran, the creator of Oscar Graves.