When Jewellery Plays a Leading Role

Is it possible that a single piece of jewellery could play a starring role? Lenny Abrahamson's adaptation of Sally Rooney's, Normal People has proven that it is.  There are three main characters in the series - Marianne, Connell and Connell's silver chain. So what is it about the silver chain? Why has it had such an impact? Why does is warrant its very own Instagram account with 108K followers?

The lure and draw of this piece of jewellery might surprise some but it doesn't really surprise us. Being part of Oscar Graves has taught us never to presume or never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes we're drawn to a character or a person and it surprises us.  The chain-wearing, Sligo boy has without doubt surprised and intrigued even the most steadfast city girls. Many luxury labels want to define their clientele in a certain genre or class. Oscar Graves strives to achieve the opposite. Sometimes it's liberating to "throw a spanner in the works" of conventionality and we believe that ultimately, this is the attraction and appeal of Connell's chosen piece of jewellery. The presence of the chain confuses you and introduces skepticism about your beliefs and the ingrained thoughts that you had about what you like and don't like. Basically, it's rouses your interest and leaves you feeling that you need to find out more.

At Oscar Graves we've always believed that our pieces should cast doubt over your perception of its wearer rather than define them. We have seven main characters in our collection. Each very distinct.

The Cuban: Clever, Clinical and Sharp

Grey Riot: Wild and Wise

Rummy: The Risk Taker

Blacksmith: Raw Talent and No Compromise

Dead Sea: Always Stays Afloat

Periphery: Individual, Complex and Original

1970: Loyal Guardian, Strong and True

Why seven? 

It's an important number to our Creative Director, Pearse Curran.  It's the number on the door of Pearse’s late grandmother’s house in Thomas Davies Street, in the liberties, Dublin city. A home she occupied for close to 100 years.  It was also the number of the first house he bought and finally there are seven directions in life one can take, up, down, left, right, back and forward and the most important direction of all is inwards.

On a final note, Marianne did wear a very striking ring in the series but if we were to choose one iconic piece of jewellery for Marianne, it is definitely the Periphery ring by Oscar Graves. It was designed for those who lie on the periphery, those who are seen but usually not heard, those who are close to it but not part of it and as a result of their high intellect, feelings of exclusion or moments of isolation can manifest themselves when among others.  This is Marianne. However, all is not lost because Periphery wearers usually become great outliers of their time.  They never fit in but eventually they will be the one who shines out. Periphery by Oscar Graves was meant to be Marianne's piece of jewellery. Which piece chooses you? Find out today at www.oscargraves.com