Can Love Really Conquer All?

We're not sure... let's just say that this year is certainly putting the theory to the test, however, maybe the answer lies with the couples who have decided to get married in 2020.

At times, a bride-to-be might worry about the weather on the day, what jewellery she's going to wear, the seating plan or even whether her Auntie Margaret will moan at, or choke on the seafood starter during dinner, but what she doesn't expect, is to come up against a global pandemic or be thrown up in the air by a massive explosion as she poses for photographs in her wedding gown!

The current global pandemic has taken so much from us and left us with unspeakable grief.  It has caused cracks and opened massive fissures in the relationships of even the most steadfast couples. We have seen complete lock downs of communities and cities, compulsory closures of businesses and services, and a ban on gatherings of large groups of people. For many, it has been a tough time to say goodbye to loved ones lost, but maybe it's also the reason that couples and families are adamant that love will prevail and even with date changes, venue cancellations and tears over losing some on their guest list, their weddings are going ahead.

Beirut was not immune to the pandemic but the stunning Lebanese woman, Dr. Israa Seblani and her fiance, chose to go ahead with their wedding, but when the images of her been thrown into the air after a chemical explosion decimated her city, it had to have shocked them both to the core.  The bride-to-be later admitted that she thought she was going to die and she thought she'd lost the love of her life in the blast.  It only made the couple more determined to marry each other, so they chose to get married later that day in a smaller, more intimate setting at home. They were one of the lucky families that had one left standing.  Weddings have changed for 2020 but love appears to be conquering the changes. 

So, if you are brave enough to get married this year, it appears it can be done and it can be special and meaningful and you can be surrounded by loved ones (just in smaller numbers).  The wedding dress, hair and make-up, bouquet and jewellery are all optional. The only essential accessory you probably will need is your face mask, but if you do choose to buy the jewellery for yourself and your bridal party, we're here to help you. Click here to browse our Bridal Party Collection...The Focus is on Party or you can see the full Oscar Graves collection of fine jewellery at